Pałac na Wodzie Staniszów 23 58-500 Jelenia Góra


Construction of the Palace

The Staniszów Dolny manor - currently the Palace on the Water - was built in the second half of eighteenth century, according to the chroniclers. It was probably Heinrich XXXVIII von Reuss who had the palace built in 1786.

Reconstruction of the Palace

The building was reconstructed around 1830. The estate's area was 1000 morgen by then. The chronicler did not specify if he meant Prussian "smaller" morgen, or the bigger unit. The estate's area can be described by its borders, that went from Polska Górka towards Cieplice across highest hills, then they went south-east, parallel to the road to Mysłakowice. Those were also the borders of Staniszów. At the turn of eighteenth and nineteenth century the Staniszów Dolny estate was transferred to Ulrich von Woide from Berlin.

Early twentieth century

In 1919 the estate was bought by the "Wiehmer und Schneller" agency from Wroclaw. They divided it into smaller land lots and sold it to new owners. The lot with the estate was bought by major Otto von Zobelitz. After he died, Emil Mattig became the manor tenant. Later the estate was sold to the state. They organized an experiment centre there that was subordinate to Prussian Zootechnics Institute. The centre was presided by professor August Tiemann who specialized in feed for animals. He conducted experiments with new plants to be used for feed. His work was important in terms of military supplies, especially during the war, when it comes to arrival of the Polish population. Engineer Kazimierz Isajewicz was a forced labourer in Staniszów during the war. Because of his work on the experimental farm he came into favour of professor Tiemann.

Contemporary history

In the 1990s the former State Agricultural Farm compound was bought by Tadajewski family who started its profound renovation. In 2009 the palace and its surroundings regained their glory. Tadajewski family had brought back the pristine magnificence to the estate and now they share with you their life’s work.

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